Lecture Notes


Module 1.1

Evaluation start to finish: Impact of microcredit

Module 2.1

Measuring causal impact

Module 2.2

Advantages and limitations of non- and quasi-experimental methods

Module 2.3

What is randomization and how does it solve the causality problem?

Module 2.4

Benefits and limits of randomization

Module 3.1

Asking the right questions

Module 3.3

Prioritizing among impact questions

Module 4.1


Module 4.2

Choosing the level of randomization

Module 4.3

Ethics of randomized evaluation

Rachel Glennerster and Shawn Powers's chapter from the The Oxford Handbook on Professional Economic Ethics

"The random risks of randomized trials" by Tim Hartford, from The Financial Times


Module 5.4

Useful blog links

Thinking of doing a list experiment? In Module 5.4 we mention list experiments as one way to ask questions about sensitive issues. This blog by Andrew Gelman discusses some of the downsides.


Module 8.3

Pre-analysis plans